Český Krumlov Old Town&Castle Interior &Baroque Theatre Tour &Local goodies(From May 1 to Oct 31)

4-5 hours
Tour Type:
Private guided tour and group tours in the castle and Baroque theatre
from May 1 to October 31
9AM, 11AM
Castle Interior and Baroque theatre tickets
Český Krumlov Castle
What you see
Svornosti Square, Satlava, Hotel Ruze view point, St. Vit church, Kajovska Street, Siroka Street, Na Ostrove, Barber’s Bridge, Barber’s House, Latran, Krumlov Castle Stairs, Naplavka, Český Krumlov Monasteries, Krumlov Castle Bears’Moat, Krumlov Castle Tower, Krumlov Castle courtyards, Krumlov Baroque Theatre and Krumlov city view point.

Price from: 4200 

Make the most of your visit to Český Krumlov.Take a half day tour to see everything worthy to explore in Český Krumlov. Taste traditional snacks and local beer. Please select Český Krumlov castle interior tour and Baroque theatre tour within your reservation to get the final price depending on the number of people joining in.

Total: 4200

Special offer


This tour is an ideal option for travellers staying overnight yet having limited time schedule. It takes you to the best landmarks of Český Krumlov only in 4 hours. Your private walking tour led by a local expert starts at the main square or at your hotel in Český Krumlov.  You’ll explore the labyrinth of cobbled medieval streets, hidden nooks as well as the best spots of the old town and the castle exteriors while hearing about about historical characters, local legends and more recent history of this special UNESCO-protected town. On the way, you can taste local goodies. Your sightseeing continues with a guided tour to the world’s  jewel – the Baroque Theatre of Český Krumlov Castle, which ranks among the most complete Baroque theatres in the world. The original theatre fund contains preserved theatre building, auditorium, orchestra pit, stage, theatre machinery, hundreds of decorations, costumes, scripts and music sheets.

Finally, you half- day tour of Český Krumlov ends with the English tour inside the Český Krumlov castle palace, where you see the best chambers and antique pieces of Český Krumlov castle collections.


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