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Best of Český Krumlov

2 hours
Tour Type:
Daily walking tour Český Krumlov
Group size:
max. 35

Price from: 1800 

Enjoy the magic of the uniquely preserved and UNESCO-protected Český Krumlov while accompanied by a local private guide. Stroll the crooked streets, relax by the Vltava riverside and admire the breath-taking Renaissance frescos and five courtyards of the Český Krumlov castle complex.

You will see the exteriors of: 

Renaissance town hall *Former Jesuit hall of residents*Jesuit’s garden view point* House of Prelate*Gothic church of St.Vitus *Former Latin School* Renaissance house of Krčín*Former town brewery* Renaissance Italian house* Barber´s house*Old orphanage and hospital* Český Krumlov Castle – Castle courtyard I * Bears´ moat *Castle tower* Castle Mint and Castle Courtyard II “Exteriors of Castle residence “Cloaked Bridge” Castle Baroque theatre.

Total: 1800

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Make the most of your visit to Český Krumlov. Explore the labyrinth of cobbled medieval streets, hidden nooks as well as the best spots of the old town and the castle exteriors while accompanied by a local guide. Learn about historical characters and legends as well as more recent history of this special UNESCO-protected town. This tour takes 1.5 to 2 hours. Reviews available at – Krumlov Tours.


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