Český Krumlov Night Tour

1.5 hours
Tour Type:
Private guided tour
Group size:
1 - 45
Recommended for
Independent travellers and groups Suitable for families
18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30
Svornosti Square in front of Infocentrum Tourist Office
Český Krumlov Castle
What you see
Svornosti Square, Satlava, Hotel Ruze view point, St. Vit church, Kajovska Street, Siroka Street, Na Ostrove, Barber’s Bridge, Barber’s House, Latran, Krumlov Castle Stairs, Krumlov Castle Bears’Moat, Krumlov Castle Tower, Krumlov Castle courtyards.

Price from: 1500 

Enjoy the the night-lit Český Krumlov old town and castle. Hear legends that have been passed down through generations. Have fun while you learn about the town and its place in Czech history. Make the most out of your time in the enchanting Český Krumlov with this informative and entertaining guided walking tour. Stroll up to the castle, the second largest fortress in the Czech Republic, then wander the crooked streets of the center of town.

Total: 1500

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Český Krumlov’s old town is a unique spiritual location and its ancient houses and historical figures are legendary. During this tour visitors hear legends passed down through the generations and see the best spots of Český Krumlov old town and castle. Here are just some of the legends you may hear: Renaissance Town Hall (The Legend of the Mean Innkeeper), Jesuit Seminary (Elsa´s Unfortunate Love Story), St.Vitus church & castle courtyards (The Legend of the White Lady).


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